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An experimental science begins with this.
a) hypothesis
b) question/problem
c) data and results
d) lots of money

Which of the following is not an example of a result from a science experiment?
a) pictures
b) charts
c) graphs
d) research paper

Which of the following is most important in an experiment?
a) accuracy
b) neatness
c) amount of effort
d) safety

What should you do if your results are not at all what you expected?
a) try to explain what might have been the reason
b) promise to do it better next time
c) pretend it DID happen exactly as you wanted
d) change the original hypothesis so it matches the weird result

Which of these people are responsible for your experiment's ultimate success?
a) The President of United States
b) my mom
c) I am.
d) my partner

Which variable is the manipulated or changed by the experiment?
a) Independent Variable
b) Dependant Variable
c) Controlled Variable
d) X variable

How should a good data be measured?
a) using the standard measurement
b) using the metric measurement
c) using the most expensive equipment
d) no measurements are necessary

What is the purpose of the conclusion?
a) to say how much fun you had with the experiment
b) to explain why you deserve an A for your work.
c) to summarize the results of the experiment and how it can be improved
d) to show what a good writer you are.

A hypothesis is...
a) the result of your experiment
b) an explanation of your experiment from a good website
c) a prediction of what might happen based on what you already know.
d) just a guess you make to see if you are right or not.

What is the purpose of following the scientific method in doing an experiment?
a) to test a hypothesis against a problem or a question
b) to design an organized way of finding the answer to a question
c) to show learn from the results in a way that helps us to learn more about the world
d) all of the above.

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