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Science is ____.
a) a way to help solve a problem
b) a tool
c) the process of trying to understand the world around you
d) all of the above

The use of scientific discoveries is called ___.
a) the scientific method
b) a hypothesis
c) technology
d) a variable

Comparing and contrasting is an example of a ___.
a) science skill
b) hypothesis
c) conclusion
d) control

You should never ___ in a science lab.
a) wear safety goggles
b) eat or drink
c) wear an apron
d) report any accidents to your teacher

A ___ is a statement about a problem that can be tested.
a) conclusion
b) variable
c) hypothesis
d) data table

Which of the following is a part of science?
a) gathering information
b) solving problems
c) making predictions
d) all of the above

An explanation of why something happened is a(n) ___.
a) observation
b) inference
c) prediction
d) skill

An important skill that enables scientists to share what they have learned is ___.
a) technology
b) communication
c) science
d) investigation

___ is the first part of solving a problem.
a) drawing conclusions
b) identifying the problem
c) testing the hypothesis
d) designing an experiment

A ___ can be used to conduct a test if the experiment would involve something that is too large or time-consuming.
a) scale
b) full-sized replica
c) model
d) laboratory

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