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What Ancestry do more than 2/3rds of Canadians share?
a) Asian
b) African
c) First Nations
d) European

Who are the First Nations?
a) People who live in Northern Canada
b) Descendents of the first settlers from Asia
c) Native Americans who live in Canada
d) People Who Live in Southern Canada

What two European countries first struggled to control Canada?
a) Germany and Britain
b) France and Italy
c) Britain and France
d) Italy and Germany

Which province, or area of Canada, remained largely under French under British control?
a) New Brunswick
b) Ontario
c) Nova Scotia
d) Quebec

Which Provinces made up the old Dominion of Canada?
a) Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia
b) Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec
c) New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Alberta
d) Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta, and Nova Scotia

How does Canada publicly support its different citizen groups?
a) with its police force
b) it does not
c) with an offical policy of multiculutralism
d) by having the holiday, Canada Day

What freedoms are guaranteed in Canada?
a) right to assemble, speech, and freedom religon
b) right to assemble, freedom of religon, and protest
c) right to speech and assemble
d) right to freedom of religon and speech

What factors influence where Canadians live?
a) Closeness to water and rail system
b) Economic Opportunites and Geographic Features
c) Favorite Sports Teams
d) Numerous Rivers and Central Plains

Why do Few Canadians live in the northern regions?
a) the rail system does not reach that far north
b) too far from waterways
c) few cities
d) rugged terrain and cold climate

Where do one quarter of all Canadians live?
a) Vancouver
b) Ottawa
c) Toronto
d) Montreal

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