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The flow of energy through plants and animals is called ___.
a) the food chain.
b) photosynthesis

___ use(s) devices to control the flow of electricity to do work for us.
a) Electronics
b) Transistors
c) Microchips
d) Electricity

___ are switches that changes the pattern of electrons.
a) electronics
b) transistors
c) microchips
d) electricity

Many tiny transistors linked together to control electronics is a(n) ____.
a) electronic
b) transistor
c) microchip
d) electricity

The movement of electrons is a form of energy called
a) electronics
b) transistors
c) microchips
d) electricity

The science of using natural materials to help us in our lives is technology.
a) true
b) false

Energy flow of a PV Cell: from ___ energy to ___ energy.
a) radiant, electrical
b) chemical, electrical
c) motion, thermal
d) radiant, thermal

Energy flow of a battery: from ___ energy to ___ energy.
a) chemical, thermal
b) thermal, chemical
c) chemical, electrical
d) electrical, chemical

Energy flow of a bicycle: from ___ energy to ___ energy
a) motion, chemical
b) chemical, motion
c) thermal, motion
d) radiant, thermal

Energy flow of a wind turbine: from ___ energy to ___ energy
a) electrical, motion
b) motion, thermal
c) thermal, motion
d) motion, electrical

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