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LEARN: Deforestation occurs due to the need for wood in construction or fuel for cooking. Lumber creates many jobs. Slash and burn farming also causes deforestation. NOW ANSWER: Which best describes characteristics of an Ethnic Group?
a) similar religious beliefs
b) similar pride in your country
c) similar claims to land
d) similar culture, religion, history, race, food, clothing, etc.

LEARN: The HIV/AIDS epidemic in parts of Africa has caused great sickness and loss of life leading to famine and increasing the number of orphans. NOW ANSWER: Which of these statements describes traditional African religious beliefs?
a) African religions are routinely monotheistic
b) African religions always involve lots of golden statues
c) African religions oftentimes believe ancestors influence daily life
d) African religions routinely believe the king of the people is a god

LEARN: Ancestor worship is fairly common among the peoples of Africa and Asia. NOW ANSWER: The female literacy rate in Kenya is about 80% and in Sudan the literacy rate for males is 61%. What can you conclude?
a) Females likely have less opportunity for education in Kenya than in Sudan.
b) Males in Kenya likely have the same opportunity for education as females in Sudan.
c) Females likely have the same opportunity for education in Kenya as in Sudan.
d) Females in Sudan likely have a lower literacy rate than females Kenya.

LEARN: In male dominated societies it is common for females to have less schooling. The lower the literacy rate of a nation then the nation is more likely to have a lower GDP. NOW ANSWER: Which person is a member of a religious group?
a) Nema is a Kurd
b) Kimbu is an Ashanti
c) Ibraham is a Muslim
d) Lekashu is a Nigerian

LEARN: The diverse regions of Africa has influenced the ways people live, travel, the routes for trade, the jobs people have, etc. Deserts and Rain Forests influences people. NOW ANSWER: Which is NOT a reason for Deforestation?
a) people needing jobs so they cut down forests
b) people needing wood for housing furniture
c) people needing to make clothing from the leaves
d) people needing wood for cooking fires

LEARN: Major religious groups are: Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Animists, etc. Several Ethnic Groups are: Jews, Kurds, Ashanti, Arabs, etc. NOW ANSWER: Deserts and Rain Forests in Africa:
a) influenced Trade routes across Africa
b) influenced people’s jobs and methods of travel
c) influenced where people lived
d) all of these are correct

LEARN: Populations of people tends to be most dense along areas of water and less dense around areas void of water. NOW ANSWER: How has this shortage of safe drinking water affected development in sub-Saharan Africa?
a) Slowed economic growth
b) Increased population growth
c) Increased size of the Sahara
d) Slowed the deforestation of the rain forest

LEARN: Pan-Africanism is a philosophical movement that believes all black-skinned people with African ancestry should pull together to support one-another. NOW ANSWER: Which is a man-made passage of water in Egypt:
a) Nile
b) Niger
c) Suez
d) Congo

LEARN: Economic growth can be slowed by many variables, but safe drinking water is a major influence on sub-Saharan Africa. NOW ANSWER: Why is the population of the Sahara low?
a) too much oil
b) limited access to oil
c) too much water
d) limited access to water

LEARN: The Suez Canal cuts through Egypt to connect the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. It was very important for shipping because the trip from Europe to Asia became much shorter. NOW ANSWER: The purpose of the Pan African Movements is?
a) Develop multiple monetary systems
b) Develop a unified political identity of black skinned people
c) Expand the use of the Swahili language
d) Create multiple African governments

LEARN: The continent of Africa is connected to the Middle East at the country of Egypt. NOW ANSWER: What is the country that is at the bottom of the African continent?
a) Kenya
b) South Sudan
c) Egypt
d) South Africa

LEARN: The country of South Africa is at the most southern tip of the African continent. NOW ANSWER: What is the country that connects Africa with the Middle East?
a) Congo
b) Kenya
c) South Sudan
d) Egypt

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