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Friction occurs because of
a) the roughness of any object's surface
b) only the weights of any two objects
c) only the amsses of any two objects
d) unbalanced forces

A hiker's velocity begins at 1.8m/s uphill and changes to 1.5 m/s uphill. How do you know that the hiker has a negative acceleration?
a) his direction changed
b) his direction was unchanges
c) his speed increased
d) his speed decreased

In which of the following is a skater NOT accelerating?
a) going straight while speeding up
b) going straight at constant speed
c) making circles at constant speed
d) going straight while slowing down

A student has a weight of 420 N on Earth. What is the student's weight on the moon. (Moon's gravity = 1/6 of Earth's gravity)
a) 70 N
b) 2520 N
c) 70 kg
d) 2520 kg

An unbalanced force can cause an object's motion to change by
a) changing direction or speed; starting but not stopping motion
b) changing direction or speed, starting or stoping motion
c) changing direction or speed; stopping by not starting motion
d) changing direction or speed only

The law of universal gravitiation says that gravitational force is
a) related to mass and distance
b) related to weight and distance
c) related to mass and friction
d) related to weight and friction

_______ is a push or pull that always acts on an object.
a) force
b) friction
c) gravity
d) weight

A change in a moving object's speed or direction is _____________.
a) accleration
b) mass
c) velocity
d) speed

A force that always acts to oppose motion
a) gravity
b) friction
c) velocity
d) motion

A measure that does not change when an object's location change
a) speed
b) velocity
c) weight
d) mass

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