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LEARN: Desertification in Africa is increasing the Sahara Desert and the Sahel region and that causes the Sahel to shift as it expands further out into the Savanna region. NOW ANSWER: Which countries have the same name as a river inside it?
a) Mali and Egypt
b) Somalia and Sudan
c) Niger and Congo
d) Kenya and Nigeria

LEARN: Africa is so large that it has several extremely different regions. There are areas of extreme dryness – the desert, and there are areas that are extremely wet - rain forests. NOW ANSWER: Which is NOT a cause of desertification?
a) drought
b) overgrazing
c) deforestation
d) elevation

LEARN: Two countries in Africa have the same name as a major river that runs through it. The Niger River runs through Niger and the Congo River flows through the Congo. NOW ANSWER: Which are the two most different regions?
a) coastal and rain forest
b) mountain and desert
c) desert and rainforest
d) Savanna and Sahel

LEARN: The desert at the southern part of Africa is called the Kalahari Desert. NOW ANSWER: Desertification causes which areas to expand in size?
a) African Lakes
b) Deserts and the Sahel
c) Rain Forests
d) Savanna

LEARN: Desertification is the expansion of the desert. This occurs due to drought, overplanting, overgrazing, deforestation, etc. NOW ANSWER: Which region is next to the Sahara and is becoming part of the Sahara?
a) Savanna
b) Rain Forests
c) Sahel
d) Islands

LEARN: The Atlas mountain range paralleled the northern coastline of Africa – just north of desert. NOW ANSWER: What desert is at the southern part of the African continent?
a) Kalahari
b) Himalayan
c) Kilimanjaro
d) Sahara

LEARN: Lake Victoria is a large round lake that supplies the beginning of the Nile River. NOW ANSWER: What mountain range is along the northern coastline of Africa?
a) Kilimanjaro
b) Kalahari
c) Himalayan
d) Atlas

LEARN: The Congo River flows throughout the center of Africa in the Congo rain forest. NOW ANSWER: What round lake is at the beginning of the Nile River?
a) Tanganyika
b) Victoria
c) Erie
d) Atlas

LEARN: The longest lake in Africa is Lake Tanganyika. NOW ANSWER: What river in Africa flows south to north and happens to be the longest river in Africa?
a) Nile
b) Congo
c) Niger
d) Kalahari

LEARN: The longest river in Africa is the Nile River. Starting at Lake Victoria in the south, the Nile flows to the north ending in Egypt. NOW ANSWER: What is the longest lake in Africa?
a) Victoria
b) Erie
c) Tanganyika
d) Kilimanjaro

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