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What is an object that appears to stay in place that helps you detect motion in another object?
a) a newton
b) a lubricant
c) a black hole
d) a reference point

Which is an example of friction that is helpful?
a) car engine parts wearing out
b) tires moving a car forward on a road
c) holes developing in your socks
d) the erosion of soil by wind

To calculate an object's acceleration, you need to know
a) distance traveled and speed
b) starting point, endpoint, and the object's mass
c) starting velocity, final velocity, and time it takes to change velocity
d) average speed and distance

The gravitational pull is greater between two objects that
a) have greater masses
b) have rougher surfaces
c) are farther apart
d) are moving at greater speed

What is the net force of an object when you combine a force of 10 N north with a force of 5 N south?
a) 5 N south
b) 15 N north
c) 50 N north
d) 5 N north

Mass is
a) different on the moon than on Earth
b) a measure of gravitational force
c) a measure of the amount of matter
d) measured in newtons

Dividing the total distance traveled by the total time is how to calculate
a) average speed
b) average velocity
c) average acceleration
d) average motion

The difference between speed and velocity is that
a) velocity involves time, while speed does not
b) speed involves time, while velocity does not
c) velocity involves direction, while speed does not
d) speed has direction, while velocity does not

To produce change in motion, a force must be a(n)
a) balanced force
b) unbalanced force
c) frictional force
d) gravitational force

When a mover puts furniture on a dolly with wheels, which type of friction is the mover using to make his job easier?
a) static friction
b) sliding kinetic friction
c) rolling kinetic friction
d) gravitational friction

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