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Delinquent juveniles are those who:
a) commit traffic offenses
b) Are neglected or abused by a parent or guardian
c) are under 17 and who commit acts that would be crimes if they were committed by adults
d) Are under 18 and who commit acts that would not be considered crimes if they were committed by adults

What is the significant difference between criminal and civil trials?
a) Civil Cases involve the violation of the law, while criminal cases deal with disputes between two or more persons or groups
b) Criminal cases involve violations of the law, while civil cases deal with disputes between two or more persons or groups
c) Criminal cases are known as misdemeanors while civil cases are known as felonies
d) There is no difference between the two

Which Branch of Georgia state government has as its main responsibility the writing of state laws?
a) Council
b) Judicial
c) Executive
d) Legislative

Federal Judges are appointed by the president of the United States. How are positions in Georgia's Supreme Court Filled?
a) Elected by Georgia voters
b) Elected by Georgia's Legislature
c) Appointed by Georgia's Governor
d) Appointed by the US supreme court

What are the two parts of Georgia's Legislative Branch?
a) Governor and General Assembly
b) Secretary of State and Senate
c) Senate and House of Representatives
d) Supreme Court and Governor

How long is the term of a member of the Georgia General Assemby?
a) 2 years
b) 4 years
c) 6 years
d) 8 years

Use these requirements to answer the following question: Must be at least 21 years old, Must be a citizen of the United States, Must be a resident of the district from which elected for one year
a) Governor
b) Secretary of State
c) State Representative
d) State Senator

The term separation of powers refers to the designation of certain powers to?
a) The federal government and certain powers to the state government
b) Each of the three branches of the government
c) State and municipal government
d) The people

What financial responsibility does a citizen have toward the government?
a) Making political contributions
b) buying on credit
c) Paying debts
d) Paying Taxes

The purpose of the Georgia constitution is to?
a) Ensure freedom, liberty, justice, peace, and happiness for all the citizens of Georgia
b) Administer those rights assigned to the states by the US Constitution
c) Make laws, enforce laws, and collect revenue for Georgia's Citizen
d) Protect and benefit all the people of Georgia

Which protection does NOT apply to Juveniles in Georgia's Courts?
a) The right to present a defense, introduce evidence, and testify on one's own behalf
b) The right to confront and question witnesses against them
c) The right to be represented by an attorney
d) The right to a trial before a jury of peers

What are Georgia's Seven Deadly Sins?
a) Crimes committed by juveniles that result in the courts treating the juveniles as adults
b) Violent crimes committed by adults refusing to declare a religious affiliation
c) Adult crimes that can lead to seven different types of penalties
d) A political version of the Ten Commandments

Which is considered one of Georgia's Seven Deadly Sings when committed by a 16 year old?
a) Using a fake ID to purchase alcohol
b) Hijacking a bus
c) Shoplifting
d) Murder

Dividing the government into executive, legislative, and judicial branches is MOST related to the concept of:
a) Separation of Powers
b) Segregation of Schools
c) The County Unit System
d) Weak-Mayor Councils

Which best describes the following list: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Guarantee of Due Process of the Law
a) The items listed are all responsibilities of Georgia Citizens
b) Everything in the list was in the original Georgia Constitution, but has since been removed
c) The list identifies rights of Georgia citizens listed in the Georgia Constitution
d) These are the only items that are considered rights and responsibilities of citizens

The Georgia Supreme Court rarely overturns a law passed by the General Assembly. This is largely because:
a) The General Assembly works hard to make sure the laws they write are specific and aligned with the constitution
b) The Georgia Supreme Court cannot overturn laws
c) The laws are typically not enforced by the Executive branch
d) The General Assembly chooses the judges that will sit on the Georgia Supreme Court

Even though it is rare and unlikely, it is possible for the governor and lieutenant governor in Georgia to be political enemies, from different parties, and not work well together. How is this possible?
a) They do not run together, each office is listed separately on the ballot when they are elected
b) The Lieutenant Governor is appointed by the General Assembly
c) The Governor is elected through popular vote and the lieutenant governor is elected by the county unit system
d) They are elected in alternate cycles, not during the same election

Tonya is the Mayor of a city in Georgia. In her daily work she has full responsibility of the city’s operations. She has the power to appoint people to run different departments and recently vetoed a new law passed by the city council. The city co
a) Council-Manager
b) Strong Mayor-Council
c) Weak Mayor-Council
d) Special Purpose Government

Which economic term best describes using money to earn more money?
a) selling
b) borrowing
c) trading
d) investing

Which of the following is not included on the Georgia State Seal?
a) Wisdom
b) Justice
c) Tranquility
d) Moderation

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