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What did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 do?
a) It named black principals at previously all-white schools
b) it gave more state tax money to schools that did not integrate
c) it withheld federal funds from schools that did not end segregation
d) it provided armed escorts for students wanting to attend white schools

The March on Washington was intended to:
a) Urge the passage of a civil rights bill
b) Extend the Montgomery Bus Boycott
c) Integrate the Washington DC public schools
d) Honor the memory of slain civil rights workers

Dr. Martin Luther King Jrs 'I have a dream' Speech is associated with the:
a) Montgomery Bus Boycott
b) March on Washington DC
c) Letters from the Birmingham Jail
d) Eulogy given at the funeral of MLK SR.

Which African American group was involved with the Albany Movement?
b) Interstate Commerce Commission
c) Montgomery Improvement Association

The Sibley Commission recommended
a) Integrating Georgia's public transportation system
b) Making proposals to the legislature to address racial issues
c) Establishing a quota system to ensure the hiring of black workers
d) allowing local school systems to decide if they wanted integration

Which statement illustrates Georgia's initial reaction to the Brown v. Board of Education decision of the US supreme court
a) The Governor pledged to integrate the state's schools
b) Georgia citizens voted 3 to 2 to keep schools open rather than integrate them
c) The General Assembly voted to cut off state funds to any schools that desegregated
d) The Sibley Commission traveled throughout the state encouraging the peaceful desegregation of schools

What organization was founded two months after 1960 sit in at the Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina

The County Unit System affected voting and politics in Georgia by:
a) Favoring cities where most people lived
b) Focusing power inside the Atlanta Area
c) Helping blacks get more voting power
d) Giving Rural areas more power

This person served as mayor longer than any other mayor in Atlanta History and contributed to the transportation in Georgia.
a) Ivan Allen Jr.
b) Ellis Arnall
c) Nathan Deal
d) William B. Hartsfield

This person served as mayor from 1962-1970. Basically he ended segregation in public works. He built Atlanta Civic Center and is responsible for bringing 3 major sports teams to Atlanta; the braves, the falcons, and the hawks.
a) Ivan Allen Jr.
b) Ellis Arnall
c) Nathan Deal
d) William B. Hartsfield

What did Lester Maddox accomplish as governor?
a) Started the Lottery and HOPE scholarships
b) Decreased funding to public schools and the arts
c) Changed the state flag to remove the Confederate symbols
d) Appointed more African Americans to state boards than all prior governors combined

What event was the MOST significant in Andrew Young's political career?
a) He was involved in the stock market after he left the ministry
b) He was the youngest African American governor to be elected in Georgia
c) He was the first African American to graduate from the University of Georgia
d) He was the first African American since Reconstruction to be elected to the House of Representatives from Georgia.

Who were the African Americans to be admitted into the University of Georgia?
a) Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes
b) Maynard Jackson and Hamilton Holmes
c) Rosa Parks and Charlayne Hunter
d) Andrew Young and Martin Luther King Jr

Which individual was responsible for sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott
a) W.E.B. DuBois
b) Malcolm X
c) Rosa Parks
d) Martin Luther King Jr.

What was the impact of the end of the County Unit System?
a) Georgia's House of Representatives had more members in Urban Areas
b) Georgia's House of Representatives had more members in Rural Areas
c) Georgia's House of Representatives had more members in coastal areas
d) There was no change in the Georgia House of Representatives

The term that means 'redraw the boundaries of election districts' is?
a) Realignment
b) Reapportionment
c) Reconstruction
d) Redistricting

Which Statement describes the benefit Georgia received from hosting the 1996 Olympics?
a) Georgia and Atlanta received international media attention and recognition which led to tourism/ business expansion
b) Georgia received world-class athletic facilities throughout the state for use by its own citizens and visitors to the state
c) Georgia's convention and meeting facilities, transportation infrastructure, and southern hospitality were showcased
d) All of the the above

What was one of the reason's for controversy surrounding Georgia keeping the state flag of 1956?
a) It was easy for the school children to draw
b) It was a memorial for those who died in the Civil War
c) It was supported by a majority of Georgians
d) It was similar to the flags of other southern states

When Eugene Talmadge died in 1946 before taking office for his fourth term as governor, who became governor?
a) The previous governor remained governor
b) Three people claimed to be Georgia's governor
c) The Lieutenant Governor became governor
d) The speaker of the General Assembly became governor

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