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Although President Wilson declared America a Neutral Nation, some Georgians decided to choose a side and make a contribution to World War I. How did Georgian's contribute?
a) Georgia volunteered to fight for the French and British as aviators, soldiers, and nurses
b) Georgians volunteered to fight for Germany as spies against the British army
c) Georgians sold their homes and belongings to raise money for British support
d) Georgians only wanted to contribute by sending care packages to British and French soldiers

Which of the following statements most accurately describes the reasons for America's involvement in World War I?
a) The assassination of Franz Ferdinand caused them to join with their allied forces
b) America remained a neutral nation until their involvement in World War II
c) The sinking of the Lusitania and efforts by Germany to involve Mexico with the Zimmerman Note
d) The bombing of Pearl Harbor

How did the boll weevil impact Georgia's economy?
a) It caused a great drought and as a result all the crops died out
b) It destroyed nearly half of the cotton crops and as a result severe fall of cotton prices
c) It destroyed nearly all crops as a result the economy went into a Great Depression
d) IT destroyed many crops and as a result had a direct impact on the Dust Bowl

How did disenfranchisement affect voting in Georgia?
a) Voters were required to pay a fee to vote
b) Voters were required to take a literacy test in order to vote
c) If a voter's grandfather was allowed to vote, then they were able to vote
d) All of the Above

How did the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) affect Georgia?
a) New Deal program that created jobs in order to build parks, sewer systems, and bridges
b) New Deal program moved jobs to other states and sent the money back to Georgia
c) New Deal program moved jobs to major cities and many people moved into major cities
d) New Deal program lifted restrictions on agricultural productions by paying farmers to not grow more crops.

Who is the Georgian that played an important role in Georgia history by becoming the 1st female to serve in the US Senate and fought for Women's suffrage, pushed for social reform by helping to instate prohibition and end the convict lease system.
a) Mary Musgrove
b) Rebecca Latimer Felton
c) Elizabeth Cady Stanton
d) Leo Frank

In the 1920s, Georgia was not affected by:
a) Boll Weevils
b) A jump in cotton production and prices
c) The loss of thousands of working farms
d) A prolonged Drought

Which describes the involvement of the United States in World War II before the bombing of Pearl Harbor?
a) The United States provided Lend-Lease aid to Great Britain and the Soviet Union
b) The United States maintained strict neutrality with no involvement at all.
c) The United States provided advisory troops to aid Germany
d) The United States secretly sank German Submarines

What was the importance of the Bell Aircraft plant during World War II and what role does it play today?
a) It built 727s and closed down before WWII ended
b) It built B-29 Bombers and is part of the Lockheed Martin plant today
c) It built fighter jets and is part of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport today
d) It built helicopters and has continued to operate continuously since the war

Which was a major contribution of Georgia during World War II?
a) Radar technology was developed and tested at Georgia Army bases
b) Military bases were established and trained large numbers of U.S. Troops
c) Research sites developed the technology for a prototype of the atomic bomb
d) Hospitals trained large numbers of doctors and nurses for the medical corps

What impact did Richard Russell have on Georgia?
a) As United States president he gave more money to Georgia
b) Fought in World War II
c) Established Colleges
d) Contributed to the World War II effort and became a successful Georgia Governor

Who is Carl Vinson and which statement most accurately describes him?
a) Representative from Georgia and is known as the 'Father of the Two-Ocean Navy'
b) Youngest Governor and is known as the father of Georgia military bases
c) Senator from Georgia and is known as the 'Father of the two ocean navy'
d) Representative from Georgia and is known as the father of Georgia military bases

Why did Franklin Roosevelt spend so much time in Georgia?
a) Roosevelt used the Warm Mineral waters of Warm Springs to ease his polio
b) Roosevelt was a native of Augusta and traveled widely across the state
c) Roosevelt's wife was a native of Calhoun and visited relatives
d) Roosevelt had originally been a farmer and he loved farm life

Before it officially entered WWII, the US helped Great Britain by:
a) Selling and Leasing ships, arms, and supplies
b) Escorting British Merchant ships in the Pacific
c) Sinking German Submarines that attacked British Ships
d) Escorting British Warships in Atlantic Waters

Which group of people were the biggest supporters of Eugene Talmadge?
a) Rural White, Specifically Farmers
b) African Americans
c) Urban Business Owners
d) New Deal Supporters

Multiple farming disasters, a major stock market crash, and runs on many banks in the late 1920s and early 1930s resulted in:
a) World War I
b) The Yazoo Land Fraud
c) The Great Depression
d) The Great Migration

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