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Which is a list of CONJUNCTIONS?
a) for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so
b) four, ant, nine, bat, orange, yes, sob
c) in, out, between, among
d) I, he, she, it

Which is a list of ADVERBS?
a) quick, slow, loud, soft
b) some, all, none, few
c) quickly, slowly, loudly, softly
d) in, out, beside, beneath

Which conjunction is needed? He went outside without an umbrella, ____________ he got soaked.
a) but
b) or
c) so
d) because

Which is a list of VERBS?
a) over, under, above, on
b) I, she, it, they
c) is, are, was, were
d) one, two, three, four

Which is a list of PRONOUNS?
a) terribly, beautifully, swiftly, sadly
b) terrible, beautiful, swift, sad
c) is, are, was, were
d) you, us, we, they

Which BEING VERBS are needed to complete the list? is, are, was, were, ____________, ____________, _____________
a) where, wear, wore
b) have, has, had
c) won't, wouldn't, shouldn't
d) very, too, much

Which list shows COMMON NOUNS?
a) I, we, you, my
b) America, August, Georgia
c) candy, test, paper
d) Stellaluna, Venus, Mars

Which list shows PREPOSITIONS?
a) in, behind, before, with
b) is, are, was, were, has, have, had
c) position, prepare, words
d) you, him, her, us

Which conjunction is needed? My teacher wants me to do my homework, _________ I don't want to do it.
a) and
b) because
c) but
d) or

Which conjunction is needed? We went to see the movies Star Wars ____________ Iron Man on the same day!
a) and
b) or
c) an
d) but

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