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When iron is oxidized during chemical weathering you get:
a) tin
b) rust
c) acid
d) none of these

How many years would it take for the Colorado River to weather and erode the Grand Canyon?
a) a few years
b) a few months
c) a few days
d) thousands of years

Weathering and Erosion are what type of forces that change the earth's surface?
a) constructive
b) destructive
c) equal
d) opposite

From TOP to BOTTOM, what are the horizons of the soil?
a) topsoil, subsoil, bedrock
b) bedrock, topsoil, subsoil
c) topsoil,bedrock, subsoil
d) none of these

Which layer of soil would be the most FERTILE?
a) sandy subsoil
b) weathered rock
c) topsoil with alot of dark humus
d) bedrock

The process that carries weathered rock away is known as:
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) oxidation
d) acid raining

Which of the following have a negative (bad) impact on the quailty of soil in our environment?
a) farming
b) logging and developing land for houses
c) applying harmful fertilizers and pesticides to crops
d) all of these

Which of the following are ways to CONSERVE soil and prevent erosion?
a) planting vegetation
b) terracing or contour plowing
c) low or no till farming
d) all of these

Oragnisms like earthworms and bacteria that break down the remains of organisms and recycle soil are BEST known as:
a) herbivores
b) carnivores
c) decomposers
d) none of these

Which historical event happened because good soil conservation methods were not being used?
a) The sinking of the Titanic
b) The Great Dust Bowl
c) Bill Nye was killed in a horrible baking soda and vinegar explosion
d) none of these

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