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Why was Eli Whitney's cotton gin an important invention for farmers in Georgia prior to the Civil War?
a) Cotton could be grown easier
b) Cotton could not be sent to markets using the railroad
c) Farmers used the gin to process cotton quicker
d) The gin kept cotton from becoming soiled and unusable

Which of the following statements is true about the Battle of Chickamauga?
a) The battle was a turning point for the south and it propelled them to victory
b) The battle was the bloodiest battle fought in Georgia
c) Ulysses Grant became known as a military hero for his efforts in the battle
d) The battle was unique because it was fought for 30 days and there was no clear winner

Which event do we consider the 'final straw' or the final cause leading to the start of the Civil War?
a) John Brown's Raid
b) The Kansas-Nebraska Act
c) The Missouri Compromise
d) The Election of 1860

The Dred Scott Decision made by the Supreme Court in 1857 declared that...
a) Slaves were property and had no constitutional rights
b) A slave in a non-slave state was considered free
c) Slave owners had to pay slaves a fair wage
d) Dred Scott should be set free and given protection in the North

Which is a reason many Georgia plantation owners favored secession?
a) A desire for increased markets in the north
b) The need to import large numbers of slaves
c) Fear that abolition would end their way of life
d) Trouble getting agricultural loans from northern banks

One effect of the Union blockade on Georgia during the Civil War was that...
a) Georgia became a British ally
b) Imported goods were plentiful
c) Union forces controlled the Mississippi River
d) Harvested cotton remained unsold

Why was Georgia often referred to as 'The Heart of the Confederacy' during the war?
a) Georgia was the site of the most military victories
b) Georgia soldiers often fought harder than those from other states
c) Robert E. Lee once referred to Georgia by that name and the name remained
d) Georgia had the best railroads and more industry than other Confederate States

Northerners thought that tariffs (a tax on imported goods) were necessary for the growth of the country. Southerners strongly opposed the idea of tariffs yet they were forced to pay them. What did the South feel was being violated?
a) Their right to the 1st amendment
b) The Civil Rights Act of 1866
c) Their States' Rights
d) The Declaration of Independence

Where was the infamous (famous for the wrong reasons) Confederate Prisoner of War camp in Georgia?
a) Andersonville
b) Alcatraz
c) Belle Isle
d) Fulton

William T. Sherman attacked the civilian infrastructure between Atlanta and Savannah in order to...
a) Retaliate for lives lost in the battle for Atlanta
b) Force Georgia troops to return home to defend Georgia
c) End civilian support for the war effort and shorten the war
d) Punish the South for seceding from the Union and forming the Confederacy

Which key issues directly led to the South deciding to secede from the Union?
a) Voting rights, Slavery, Trail of Tears, Indian Removal Act
b) Intolerable Acts, States' Rights, Stamp Act, Compromise of 1850
c) Slavery, States' Rights, Compromise of 1850, Dred Scott Case, Election of Lincoln
d) Worchester v. Georgia, Indian Removal Act, States' Rights,

Which battle is remembered as being the bloodiest one-day battle of the Civil War?
a) Battle of Chickamauga
b) Battle of Antietam
c) Battle of Kettle Creek
d) Battle of Gettysburg

Which answer best describes the importance of the Battle of Gettysburg?
a) Major Confederate victory that was in the early part of the Civil War
b) Major Union victory that took place primarily at sea
c) Union victory that was a major turning point of the Civil War also remembered for being the Bloodiest battle of the war
d) General Lee led the South to a major victory in the North, the Victory helped boost the confederacy's morale

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