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Which statement best describes the controversy surrounding the Yazoo Land Fraud of 1795?
a) The governor of Georgia deeded land to Native Americans
b) State legislators were bribed to sell land to land speculators
c) The federal government took over land that belonged to the state
d) Land speculators sold marshland to unsuspecting buyers

In 1795, several Georgia legislators became involved with illegal land speculation. What did their involvement come to be called?
a) Land Plot Scandal
b) Yazoo Land Fraud
c) Oklahoma Land Rush
d) Trans-Oconee Land Scandal

Which methods did Georgia use to distribute land in the late 1700's and early 1800's?
a) Collective bargaining and issuing bonds
b) Speculation and Sharecropping
c) The headright system and the land lottery
d) The land-use plan and the embargo system

Which was the main way that Georgia attempted to increase the population in the Western part of the state in the early 1800s?
a) The state allowed immigration with no restrictions
b) The state increased the size of land grants
c) A cash bonus was paid to new settlers
d) A lottery was established to give away land

Why was Eli Whitney's cotton gin an important invention for farmers in Georgia prior to the Civil War?
a) Cotton could be grown much more easily
b) Cotton could now be sent to markets using the railroad
c) Farmers used the gin to process cotton more quickly
d) The gin kept cotton from becoming soiled and unusable

Why did Georgia invest heavily in railroads before the Civil War?
a) To transport slaves
b) As a preparation for War
c) To attract Northern Industry
d) To transport agricultural products

What was the main reason for removing the Cherokee from their homes in Northwestern Georgia?
a) The Cherokee had adopted a constitution and formed their own nation
b) Gold was discovered on Cherokee Land
c) Congress had sold the Cherokee land to the railroads
d) The government promised large tracks of land to the Native Americans in Oklahoma

Why did the Cherokee Tribes move from Georgia to Oklahoma?
a) they thought life in the west would be easier
b) they had used all of the natural resources in their area
c) they were forced to leave by the United States Government
d) They heard rivers and land were more plentiful farther west

What is one way in which the University of Georgia is unique among American universities?
a) It was the first university established in America
b) It was the first private university constructed in America
c) It was the first American university founded as a coed institution
d) It was the first American university created by a state government

Which of the following was not a capital city of Georgia?
a) Louisville
b) Savannah
c) Atlanta
d) Macon

What role did John Ross play in the creation of the Cherokee Nation?
a) He helped them form their own government
b) Signed away all the Cherokee land
c) Combined the Cherokee and Creek Nations
d) President who sent the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears

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