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Both the United States Constitution and Georgia's Constitution provided for a system of checks and balances. Why did the authors of both constitutions include this system?
a) to encourage cooperation between political parties
b) to ensure that no branch of government becomes too powerful
c) to guarantee that all citizens have equal rights
d) to ensure that large states do not have more power than small states

Which of the following is an accurate statement concerning the 1777 Constitutional Convention of Georgia?
a) A unicameral legislature was established
b) Broad powers were given to the governor
c) There were only two branches of government
d) The Georgia state government today is the same as in 1777

At the Constitutional Convention in 1787, the Great Compromise was introduced in order to:
a) end the debate over slavery
b) separate Virginia and West Virginia
c) maintain peace between England and America
d) Give equal representation in both large and small states

Which man represented Georgia at the Constitutional Convention of 1787?
a) James Madison
b) WIlliam Few
c) James Oglethorpe
d) Alexander Stephens

Under the Georgia Constitution of 1777, the Governor
a) appointed most court officials
b) could serve a total of 8 years
c) had the authority to vote on legislation
d) was selected by the legislature

The leader of the rebel militia group that defeated 800 British troops at the Battle of Kettle Creek was:
a) Lyman Hall
b) Elijah Clark
c) Austin Dabney
d) John Treutlen

Which of the following statements most accurately describes Georgia at the beginning of the Revolutionary War?
a) the royal governor was very unpopular
b) Georgia relied heavily upon trade with England
c) A strong tradition of self-government had developed
d) Most Georgians strongly favored independence from England

What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence?
a) to serve as a preamble to the Constitution
b) To demand that the colonists be given the same rights as British citizens
c) To dissolve the political connection between the colonies and Great Britian
d) To inform King George III that the colonies had ratified the Articles of Confederation

Hart County, Georgia, was named for Nancy Hart. What role did Nancy Hart play in Georgia history?
a) She started the first public school in Georgia
b) She was the first female senator from Georgia
c) She was a legendary heroine of the Revolutionary War
d) She was the wife of the first elected governor of Georgia

Why did many Georgians boycott British goods, such as paint and tea, during the mid-1700s
a) England had placed a tax on the goods
b) Most colonial merchants could not afford them
c) The goods were inferior to other European goods
d) Colonists were able to produce these goods on their own

Which statement about Georgia regarding the French and Indian War is correct?
a) Georgia gained new territory as a result of the war
b) Georgia colonists suffered great losses of lives and property
c) Georgia was a buffer zone in the fighting between the French and Indians
d) Georgia was the only colony to support the French against the British in the war

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