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What was the importance of Mary Musgrove?
a) She served as a translator between Tomochichi and Oglethorpe
b) She acted as a travel guide for Oglethorpe and settlers
c) She became Oglethorpe's wife and served as the first lady of the new colony
d) She demonstrated to the colonists how to grow the 3 sisters.

Why is the year 1732 important to Georgia’s history?
a) it is the year King George II granted Oglethorpe a charter
b) It is the year that Christopher Columbus discovered America
c) It is the year that King Phillip II established a colony for Spain
d) It is the year that England defeated the Spanish for control of Georgia

Oglethorpe's plan for the establishment of Savannah could BEST be described as a
a) city planned around open squares
b) heavily defended fort
c) large urban development
d) series of circular roads making travel easy

Which of the following was NOT a reason for founding the colony of Georgia?
a) to help protect South Carolina from attack
b) to provide charity to England's worth poor
c) to expand the slave trade
d) to provide raw materials and new markets for England

Why did Oglethorpe invite the Highland Scots to Georgia?
a) he needed their superior farming skills
b) he needed their important religious leadership
c) he needed their large numbers to increase the colony's population
d) he needed their strong military abilities

What 3 things were illegal in the colony in early Georgia?
a) Slaves, Guns, Tobacco
b) Alcohol, Slaves, Tobacco
c) Alcohol, Slaves, Catholics
d) Catholics, Slaves, Guns

The term malcontent was used to describe those who:
a) Favored Oglethorpe
b) Colonists who desired to merge with South Carolina
c) Original natives to Georgia
d) Complained about the policies of the trustees

Why did German Salzburgers come to Georgia
a) to escape religious persecution
b) to serve out terms for misconduct
c) to discover new financial opportunities
d) to lead the armed forces for Oglethorpe

All of the following are rules/regulations that were changed after Georgia became a royal colonly EXCEPT
a) the colonists can now own slaves
b) the colonists can now buy more land and leave it to a male or female heir
c) the colonists can now have and drink rum
d) the colonists can now grow rose gardens in Savannah

What is the correct order for the Royal Governors?
a) Reynolds, Ellis, Wright
b) Ellis, Wright, Reynolds
c) Ellis, Wright, Oglethorpe
d) Oglethorpe, Reynolds, Wright

What reason did Georgia cease to be a royal colony?
a) All the colonists died in the Black Plague
b) The thirteen colonies declared their independence
c) Georgia decided to become its very own nation
d) Oglethorpe returned and forced them to name him the king

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