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. The Woodland tribe, who lived in Georgia from about 1000 bce to 1000 ce, built many earthen mounds, such as Rock Eagle Mound in northern Georgia. Anthropologists believe these mounds were used mainly for:
a) Protection from enemies
b) religious and ceremonial purposes
c) housing a tribe's family
d) trading and commerce centers

Which statement best describes the reason prehistoric Georgia Indians built the Etowah mounds?
a) the height of the mounds made it easier for hunters to see animals
b) Temples for religious ceremonies and burial places were located there
c) They served as marketplaces for trading goods with neighboring groups
d) Seeds and harvested crops, such as corn, could be stored inside the mounds

Which development resulted in increased population and permanent settlements among Georgia’s prehistoric Native Americans
a) Improved weapons meant that more animals could be killed efficiently
b) the native americans began to trade throughout eastern North America
c) improvements in agriculture meant food could be grown and stored
d) the tribes established more complicated social structures and ceremonies

What was the misunderstanding between Europeans and Native Americans?
a) Disagreements about a division of labor between men and women
b) differences about common ownership of land in North America
c) wanting a common language and culture throughout North America
d) Native American insistence that white Europeans adopt Native American customs and beliefs

How did Hernando de Soto’s travels throughout Georgia and the other southern states NEGATIVELY impact the Native Americans living there?
a) the spanish soldier's brought death and disease
b) the Native Americans adopted many European customs
c) the Native Americans joined De Soto's quest for gold
d) the soldiers lived among the Native Americans in peace

How did de Soto’s march through Georgia change the lives and culture of Native Americans?
a) The expedition introduced Native Americans to new types of food
b) The expedition resulted in the death of thousands of Native Americans
c) The expedition set up new trading opportunities for Native Americans
d) The expedition was responsible for converting Native Americans to Catholicism

The main objective of Hernando De Soto in his travels through Georgia was to:
a) Build permanent settlements
b) Find gold
c) Claim Georgia for Spain
d) Trade with Native Americans

What was the purpose of the Spanish Mission System?
a) To spread colonialism
b) To trade European Goods
c) To access the American Coastline
d) To spread Catholicism

Why did European Nations explore the Americas?
a) They wanted to find gold and other resources
b) They wanted to find farmland
c) They wanted to establish naval dominance
d) They wanted to meet new people

Which one of these was NOT one of the 3 G's that inspired Europeans to explore the America's?
a) Gold
b) God
c) King George
d) Glory

One reason given for the colonization of Georgia was to serve as a buffer colony. This meant that Georgia was:
a) a colony for settlement by the poor
b) an outpost for pirates attacking Spanish Galleons
c) a military protective zone between English and Spanish settlements
d) an agricultural station experimenting with new strains of cotton plant

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