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In which two hemispheres is the state of Georgia located?
a) Northern and Eastern
b) Northern and Western
c) Southern and Eastern
d) Southern and Northern

Where is the Ridge and Valley Region on Georgia located?
a) Northeastern part of the state
b) Far northwestern corner of the state
c) Between Alabama northward to the state of Deleware
d) Between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachian Plateau

8. Which terms best describes the Piedmont region of Georgia today?
a) Broad treeles plains, richest soil in Georgia
b) Heavily forested, highest elevation in Georgia
c) Gently sloping land, lowest elevation in Georgia
d) Rolling farmland, most heavily populated region of Georgia

Which region once served as the primary area for growing cotton in Georgia and is now home to most of Georgia's population and cities?
a) Coastal Plain
b) Piedmont
c) Appalachian Plateau
d) Blue Ridge Mountains

Which region of Georgia is bounded on it Southeastern side by the Fall Line and is made up of low hills and narrow vallys?
a) Piedmont
b) Valley and Ridge
c) Blue Ridge Mountain
d) Appalachian Plateau

Which physical feature is located in the Coastal Plain Region of Georgia?
a) Brasstown Bald
b) Okefenokee Swamp
c) Stone Mountain
d) Lake Sydney Lanier

Which of the following BEST describes Georgia's Coastal Plain region?
a) mountainous land bordering Florida
b) Rolling land in the middle of the state
c) level land boarding the Atlantic Ocean
d) steep highland in the northern part of the state

Which of the following BEST describes Georgia's Piedmont Region?
a) Steep highland bordering Tennessee
b) Flat land bordering the Atlantic Ocean
c) Grassy lowland bordering South Carolina
d) Gently rolling land between the mountains and costal plain

What is the name of the area of Georgia where the land is mostly level and boarders the Atlantic Ocean?
a) Southeast Region
b) Piedmont Region
c) Blue Ridge Region
d) Coastal Plain Region

What are the 4 directions listed on a compass rose?
a) North, South, West
b) North, South, West, East
c) South, West, East,
d) West, North, South, Left

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