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The British were had the upper hand in the beginning of the Revolutionary war... why?
a) They had more troops, more money, and their troops were trained
b) They knew the land better, had more money, and had military experts from around the globe
c) They did not have the upper hand
d) They had more supplies, and their troops were more fierce

Who won the Battle of Brandywine?
a) The Battle of Valley Forge
b) The Battle of Brandywine
c) The Battle of Saratoga
d) The Battle of Gettysburg

When was the Declaration of Independence officially adopted by the colonies?
a) July 4th, 1774
b) July 4th, 1775
c) July 4th, 1776
d) July 4th, 1777

What are the three :unalienable: rights the Declaration speaks of?
a) Life, liberty, and property
b) Life, Liberty, and a strong governement
c) Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
d) Life, property, and the pursuit of happiness

__________ were the troops ready at a moment's notice, ready to fight the British Regulars!
a) Momentmen
b) Secondmen
c) Minutemen
d) Patriotmen

Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) John Adams
c) Thomas Paine
d) Ben Franklin

What exactly was the Declaration of Independence?
a) New laws to rule a new country
b) A letter to the king of England telling him the colonies were no longer part of his empire and WHY
c) A pamphlet urging the colonists to fight for independence from Britain

What was life like for loyalists after the Revolutionary War?
a) The moved back to Britain or Canada, leaving much of their wealth behind.
b) They were all hanged for treason.
c) The were forced to flea the country.
d) They all became Americans.

The author of Common Sense
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Ben Franklin
c) Thomas Paine
d) George Washington

Common Sense called for
a) People to become more educated
b) The colonies to sereperate from Britain
c) People to think before they act
d) To attack the British on the home from-- in Britain

What is NOT a reason that Common Sense became so popular?
a) It appealed to everyone, educated and uneducated
b) It was written in plain words and easy to understand
c) It was long, so people had to read the whole thing to see what exciting things it said
d) It used religious references common to all

Who warned Sam Adams, John Hancock, and many others that the British were coming on April 18th, 1775?
a) Paul Revere
b) John Adams
c) Patrick Henry
d) Thomas Jefferson

:The shot heard round the world: refers to the Battles of _________ and _________.
a) Charles Neck and Concord
b) Lexington and Concord
c) Boston and Lexington
d) Valley Forge and Philadelphia

Benedict Arnold began fighting for the ________ before betraying his cause and gave military secrets to the __________.
a) Patriots; British
b) British; Patriots

What was the :Tory: capital of America?
a) Charleston, SC
b) New York, NY
c) Philadelphia, PA
d) Saratoga, NY

A ____________ is a person who was apprehensive to side in favor of staying under British rule and or side in favor of the colonies gaining independence.
a) Loyalist
b) Patriot
c) Fence Sitter
d) Apprehensivist

A _________ is someone who supported the British crown, who did not want the colonies to become independent from Britain.
a) Loyalists
b) Colonists
c) British
d) Patriots

Which country entered a treaty with the United States during the Revolutionary War, promising to help the U.S financially and supply troops?
a) Britain
b) France
c) Spain
d) Portugal

A ________ is someone who had their roots in the Sons of Liberty, who supported the notion for the colonies to break away from Britain and become an independent nation.
a) Loyalists
b) Colonists
c) British
d) Patriots

:Give me liberty or give me death: was spoke by
a) Patrick Henry
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) George Washington
d) Paul Revere

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