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Evolution occurs through the process of:
a) Biology
b) Natural Selection
c) Genetics
d) Evolution

Natural Selection is also known as:
a) Survival of the Fittest
b) Evolution
c) Artificial Selection
d) Isle Royale

Dog Breeds are an example of
a) Natural Selection
b) Genotype
c) Artificial Selection
d) Vestigial Structures

An example of a homologous structure is:
a) dog breed
b) forelimbs of bats and whales
c) legs on a skink
d) Charles Darwin

A vestigial structure is
a) the human appendix
b) wings on bats and butterflies
c) ability to lay eggs
d) mutations

Evolution was described by
a) Gregor Mendel
b) Charles Darwin
c) Aubrie McAuliffe
d) Adele

Today we have the technology to determine baby gender
a) True
b) False

Every child in America must be vaccinated
a) True
b) False

The following is an example of predation
a) Flea feeding on a dog
b) Tick feeding on a cat
c) Lion eating an antelope
d) Wrasse and a shark

Isle Royale moose are dying due to
a) an increase in rain in the area
b) Humans hunting them
c) Global climate change
d) population extinction

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