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What does hypothesis mean
a) theory requiring proof
b) lucky guess
c) a needle
d) a beginning

What does hedonist mean?
a) pleasure seeker
b) sexist
c) wealthy
d) disloyal

What does haughty mean?
a) arrogant
b) naughty
c) confident
d) tired

what does hackneyed mean
a) cliche, overused
b) amputated
c) drowsy
d) arrogant

What does frugal mean
a) thrifty
b) handy
c) lucky
d) sleepy

What does fortuitous mean?
a) lucky
b) rich
c) flavorful
d) thrifty

What does florid mean?
a) fancy
b) near water
c) flower
d) anxious

What does extenuating mean?
a) guilt diminishing
b) outstanding
c) ordinary
d) thrifty

what does Exemplary mean?
a) outstanding
b) example
c) overworked
d) guilt diminishing

What does impetuous mean?
a) impulsive, rash
b) allergic to dogs
c) calm, collected
d) trivial

What does impute mean?
a) to attribute to; caused by
b) trivial
c) wealthy
d) to harbor feelings for; resent

What does incompatible mean?
a) unable to work together
b) unable to distinguish
c) unable to separate
d) unable to speak

What does inconsequential mean?
a) trivial
b) important
c) routine
d) incarcerated

What does inevitable mean?
a) certain
b) risky
c) calm
d) fearless

What does integrity mean
a) honesty, decency
b) combined, joined
c) structure
d) ordinary, common

What does intrepid mean?
a) fearless
b) dodge
c) instinctive
d) impulsive

What does intuitive mean?
a) instinctive
b) occurirng in pairs
c) learned behavior
d) pleasurable

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