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Test Your Knowledge Regarding Famous Writers And What They Say About Civil Disobedience.[print questions]

Which of the following writers did NOT address the issue of Civil Disobedience and Peaceful Protest?
a) Gandhi
b) Martin Luther King Jr.
c) Thoreau
d) Jack London

What prompted MLK to write his Letter from a Birmingham Jail?
a) He wanted to respond to his critics who felt the demonstrations were inappropriate.
b) He was disgruntled with the current demonstrations that weren't producing results.
c) President Kennedy placed him in jail.
d) Being in jail was a sign of peaceful protest - he put himself there.

Who wrote Civil Disobedience -- or, Resistance to Civil Government?
a) Martin Luther King Jr.
b) Thoreau
c) Gandhi
d) Emerson

What literary appeal is most dominant in the opening paragraphs of King's letter?
a) Logos
b) Ethos
c) Pathos
d) Appeal to Patriotism

What caused Thoreau to write Civil Disobedience?
a) The American Revolution
b) The Civil War
c) The Mexican American War
d) World War I

Complete the following sentence: That government is best which governs ____.
a) Most
b) Individuals
c) Least
d) Everyone

According to Thoreau, government is simply a(n):
a) expedient
b) necessity
c) requirement
d) a benefit

What, according to Thoreau, should be the basis of government?
a) politicians
b) conscience
c) money
d) values

Approximately how many years separates Civil Disobedience and Letter from a Birmingham Jail?
a) 200
b) 120
c) 50
d) 10

King and Thoreau feel that people have a _____ to disobey unjust laws.
a) tendency
b) responsibility
c) ability
d) moral obligation

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