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Who is Luke's sister?
a) Princess Amidala
b) Princess Leia
c) Princess Yoda
d) Princess Diana

What planet is Yoda from?
a) Tatooine
b) Dagoba
c) Eldoran
d) Earth

What is the name of Han Solo's ship?
a) R2D2
b) X-Wing fighter
c) Starship Cruiser
d) Millennium Falcon

What creatures sell droids in Episode IV?
a) jawas
b) gungans
c) ewoks
d) jubjubs

What planet do the Ewoks live on?
a) Tatooine
b) Endor
c) Mars
d) Naboo

What is the name of the bounty hunter who dies in Episode VI?
a) Boba Junga
b) Boba Jar Jar
c) Boba Fet
d) Jedi Man

What happens to Han Solo in Episode V?
a) dies
b) put in prison
c) frozen in carbonite
d) wins Jedi training contest

What do the Rebels destroy in both episode IV and VI?
a) The Force
b) Death Star
c) Mega Force
d) Millennium Falcon

Which gangster lives on Tatooine?
a) Darth Vader
b) Jaba the Hut
c) Mace Windu
d) Emperor Dooku

What creature lives in the 'basement' of Jabba's Palace?
a) Rancor
b) Sarlacc
c) Yoda
d) Ewok

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