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The whitetail's coat turns reddish brown in the summer and what color in the fall and winter?
a) Reddish brown
b) Gray brown
c) White
d) Black

True or False . Mountain goats shed their horns every year.
a) True
b) False

A group of mountain goats is called a (n)
a) Herd
b) Army
c) Band
d) None

How many species of spiders are there?
a) 35,000
b) 3500
c) 350
d) 35

Of the spiders we talked about what is the most venomous spider?
a) Brown Recluse
b) Black Widow

The whitetail fawn has white spots that are used as camoflage. What do the spots imitate?
a) Plants
b) Sunlight
c) Trees
d) Other animals

A buck's antlers are covered with ____ while they are growing.
a) Velvet
b) Moss
c) Ivy
d) None

Whitetail deer leaves signs behind that they have been in an area? What are they?
a) Buck rub
b) Droppings
c) Tracks
d) All of them

True or False. Whitetail deer are a nonrenewable resource.
a) True
b) False

How many families of spiders live in North America?
a) 32
b) 45
c) 64
d) 120

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