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In the past before Newton's time, people the the earth was at rest because objects fell (blank)
a) Straight down
b) With an arch
c) At an angle
d) With constant speed

If you are moving at constant velocity and you throw a ball straight up, the ball will (blank)
a) Fall behind you
b) Fall in front of you
c) Fall back in your hands
d) Will not come back down

If you are accelerating forward and you throw a ball straight up, it will
a) Fall back in your hand
b) Fall behind you
c) Fall in front of you
d) Fall to the side of you

Newton's 2nd Law is also explained as an equation involving which three variables?
a) Momentum, mass, and velocity
b) Force, velocity, and weight
c) Distance, velocity, and time
d) Force, mass, and acceleration

If a mass is accelerating due to an outside force and the force doubles, then the acceleration of the mass will
a) Double
b) Decrease by 2 (halved)
c) Increase by adding 2 to the original acceleration
d) Not change

A force of 10 N is applied to a 5 kg mass. What is the acceleration of the mass?
a) 5 m/s^2
b) 15 m/s^2
c) 2 m/s^2
d) 50 m/s^2

A piano and a keyboard fall out of a 8 story building. Which object will land first?
a) Both will land at the same time
b) The piano
c) The keyboard

What is the difference between the forces on a 10 kg mass with an acceleration of 5 m/s^2, and a 12 kg mass with an acceleration of 6 m/s^2?
a) The forces are the same
b) The force on the 10 kg mass is larger than on the 12 kg mass.
c) The force on the 12 kg mass is larger than on the 10 kg mass.
d) There is not enough information to compare the forces.

A feather and a bowling ball are dropped at the same time in a vacuum. Which one will land last?
a) The feather.
b) The bowling ball.
c) They will land at the same time.

A mass of 2 kg is moving with an acceleration of 6 m/s^2. What is the force on the mass?
a) 12 N
b) 12 kg
c) 12 m/s^2
d) 12 lbs

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