ELA Milestones Practice #5 Question Preview (ID: 28524)

Practice These 10 Questions To Help You Review For The GA ELA Milestones Test.[print questions]

Which sentence BEST combines the following two sentences? The Screven relay team came in third. Each swimmer swam two laps of the pool.
a) The Screven relay team came in third and each swimmer swam two laps of the pool.
b) The Screven relay team came in third because each swimmer swam two laps of the pool.
c) The Screven relay team came in third swimming two laps of the pool.
d) With each one swimming two laps of the pool, the Screven swim team came in third.

What is the correct verb form to complete the following sentence? Patrick is ____ in the shower.
a) sang
b) sung
c) singing
d) sings

Kelly needs to write a paper for history. Which topic would be based on facts rather than opinions?
a) Georgia State and County Parks
b) Important Cities in Georgia
c) Industries That Changed Georgia
d) Famous Georgia Leaders

Where should a comma be placed in the following sentence? Shivering in the frigid cold the boys huddled together to get warm.
a) after shivering
b) after cold
c) after boys
d) after together

Holly is writing a research paper on the Civil War. She wants to write about the Battle of Atlanta. What should she do next?
a) visit the city of Atlanta and go to Civil War museums
b) find someone who is an expert on the Battle of Atlanta
c) identify books and magazine articles that tell about the Battle of Atlanta
d) read all the books she can on the Civil War in Atlanta

Which word in the following sentence is the subject? Down from the abandoned bird's nest floated a feather.
a) nest
b) abandoned
c) feather
d) floated

Which sentence is the topic sentence? 1. Brittany reached for a piece of paper. 2. Brittany was writing a thank-you note to her grandmother. 3. She had received the present a week ago. 4. Now, Brittany wanted to tell her that she enjoyed her scarf.
a) Sentence 1
b) Sentence 2
c) Sentence 3
d) Sentence 4

What BEST explains the role of supporting details in a paragraph?
a) They provide some information about the main idea or topic.
b) They are used to make the paragraph longer.
c) They provide information and details about the main idea or topic.
d) They provide general information that is not specific to the topic.

Which word BEST fills in the blank? The _______ fathers carpooled to work each day.
a) friend
b) friends
c) friend's
d) friends'

Mary read an ad that contained an error. Which sentence contains an error?
a) The tickets for the Super World Entertainment Park go on sale next week.
b) Tickets can be purchased at the park or by mail.
c) Save 10% on tickets purchased before June 1st.
d) There also on sale on the web at SWEP.com

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