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Aristotle falsely thought that an object needed (blank) to move, no matter what
a) A mass
b) An Acceleration
c) A force
d) A velocity

If an object moves with steady (constant) speed, then it does not have a(n) (blank)
a) Acceleration
b) Mass
c) Weight
d) Motion

A single word used to describe Newton's First Law is (blank)
a) Momentum
b) Inertia
c) Force
d) Weight

If an object is at rest and does not have an outside force acting on it then it will (blank)
a) Stay at rest
b) Move with constant motion
c) Move with acceleration
d) Speed up

An object that has more than one outside force acting on it, but the forces are balanced, then it will
a) Change motion
b) Slow down
c) Accelerate
d) Not change its motion or lack of

If a quarter is resting on an index card and then the card is pulled out from underneath it, the quarter will
a) Move with the card
b) Move in the opposite direction as the card
c) Stay still
d) Move straight up

A block is on a table. What is the force that keeps it from falling through the table?
a) Natural
b) Normal
c) Tension
d) Applied force

What protects a sheet of plastic from breaking when an anvil rests on top of it and hit with a large mallet?
a) The heaviness of the mallet
b) The weight of the anvil
c) The mass/inertia of the anvil
d) The inertia of the mallet

A large weight is suspended by a string and a second string hangs from the mass below it. How should I pull the bottom string to break the top string?
a) Pull it slowly
b) Pull it fast
c) Any type of motion
d) It will not break

If two people stand on a hanging scale (hanging flat surface held up by two ropes on either end with scales attached to each rope), how should they stand so that the scales are balanced?
a) Both at equal distances from the center of the surface.
b) One person at the end and one person in the middle
c) Both people at one end
d) One person at one end and one person a foot from the other end.

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