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What change should be made in the following sentence? An enormous iceberg floated dangerous close to shipping lanes.
a) change iceberg - ice berg
b) change floated - floating
c) change dangerous - dangerously
d) change to - too

What would be the BEST source to find a map of Australia?
a) an atlas
b) The Guinness Book of World Records
c) a thesaurus
d) an encyclopedia

Which sentence should be removed? 1. Terry looked down and saw that her bike tire was getting flatter. 2. It had started going flat after she ran over broken glass. 3. Her bike had 27-inch tires. 4. Terry hoped her tire would not go completely flat.
a) Sentence 1
b) Sentence 2
c) Sentence 3
d) Sentence 4

Which word BEST fills in the blank? The ad said the _______ should bring their own tennis racquets to camp.
a) camper's
b) campers'
c) campers
d) camper

A comma is needed in the following sentence. Judy received an e-mail from her friend in Sylvania Georgia.
a) received,
b) e-mail,
c) friend,
d) Sylvania,

Which of the following BEST defines a well-developed paragraph?
a) It is a group of sentences that seem to go together.
b) It is a group of sentences that deal with similar ideas.
c) It is a group of sentences related to one main idea.
d) It is a group of sentences with the first sentence is the topic sentence.

What is the correct verb form to complete the following sentence? As Keith _____ down the street, he sees his friend, Greg , in the yard.
a) biked
b) biking
c) bike
d) bikes

Where should a comma be place? Reaching out from his bed Jack turned off the alarm clock.
a) after out
b) after bed
c) after reaching
d) after turned

Alicia is writing a research paper. She has identified a number of possible topics. Which of the topics is too broad (too much)?
a) Solar Energy
b) Chemistry
c) Irrigation Farming
d) Killer Bees

Barry read a newspaper article in which he found an error. Which sentence contains a mistake?
a) The accident victims injuries are not serious.
b) A witness saw the whole incident and called for help.
c) The police and medics were on the scene quickly.
d) The victim seemed to lose her balance climbing the steep hill.

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