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la fotografía
a) photography
b) athletic club/gym
c) photographer (male)
d) team

el equipo
a) team
b) photographer (male)
c) photography
d) athletic club/gym

el club atlético
a) athletic club/gym
b) team
c) photography
d) photographer (male)

el ajedrez
a) chess

las actividades extracurriculares
a) extracurricular activities

el fotógrafo
a) photographer (male)
b) team
c) athletic club/gym
d) photography

los clubes
a) clubs
b) club
c) photographer (female)
d) youngsters, teens

el club
a) club
b) clubs
c) photographer (female)
d) youngsters, teens

la fotógrafa
a) photographer (female)
b) youngsters, teens
c) club
d) clubs

los jóvenes
a) youngsters, teens
b) club
c) clubs
d) photographer (female)

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