ELA Milestones Practice #3 Question Preview (ID: 28517)

Practice These 10 Questions To Help You Review For The GA ELA Milestones Test.

What would be the best CLOSING sentence? Joe looked at his teammates and wondered if he would be accepted by the other players. He was the only new player on the team. All the other boys had played together on the state championship team last year.
a) Joe wanted to show them he was just as good as they were.
b) Joe hoped he would be accepted by his new teammates.
c) Joe thought that maybe he shouldn't have asked to be on this team.
d) Some of the boys looked like they didn't want him on the team.

Which word BEST fills in the blank in the following sentence? The first _____ pies and cakes are delicious.
a) baker's
b) baker
c) bakers
d) bakers'

Which sentence below is a fragment?
a) The clown made balloon animals.
b) Some guests took the balloons home.
c) Many balloons were popped.
d) Having fun at a party.

Chris' science teacher has told her students to write a research paper on a mammal that lives in the ocean. What is the first thing he should do?
a) read books on ocean mammals and select one for the report
b) find books on mammals that have lived in the ocean for thousands of years
c) read all the books he can find on animals that live in the ocean
d) begin writing about mammals that live in the ocean

Where should a comma be placed in the following sentence? Along the muddy creek bank animal footprints could be seen.
a) after along
b) after muddy
c) after bank
d) after footprints

What is the purpose of the following sentence? Stop at the railroad crossing before proceeding.
a) to give information
b) to ask a question
c) to give a command
d) to show excitement

What change should be made to the following sentence? An angry blue jay dive-bombed the Duffy's cat that got too close to it's nest.
a) change bombed to bomb
b) change Duffy's to Duffies
c) change too to to
d) change it's to its

Which word would LEAST likely to be used as a transition word when writing a paragraph?
a) although
b) soon
c) dishes
d) later

A semicolon (;) should be added to the following sentence. The landscaper came to redo the plantings around the house he brought azaleas, roses, and daisies.
a) redo;
b) plantings;
c) house;
d) brought;

What correct verb form completes the following sentence? The train _____ its whistle as it approached the grade crossing.
a) blew
b) blown
c) blowing
d) blows

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