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All of the following are examples of physical changes except ____________.
a) melting
b) evaporating
c) burning
d) solidifying

Dot diagrams are used to represent ______________.
a) protons
b) outer electrons
c) atomic mass
d) the structure of the nucleus

A characteristic of matter that allows it to change to something new is a __________________.
a) physical property
b) physical change
c) chemical property
d) chemical change

The maximum number of electrons in the second energy level of an atom is ___________.
a) two
b) four
c) eight
d) ten

The particles that make up an atom are ______________.
a) electrons, protons, and nuclei
b) elements, protons, and electrons
c) protons, neutrons, and nuclei
d) protons, neutrons, and electrons

One of the chemical properties of bases is that they __________________.
a) taste sour
b) feel slippery
c) crumble
d) corrode metal

In the compound, H2O, the electrons are unequally shared between oxygen and hydrogen, forming ________________.
a) cations
b) ionic bonds
c) nonploar bonds
d) polar bonds

Which of the following changes is chemical rather than physical?
a) Water is boiled.
b) Aluminum foil is crumpled.
c) Glass is shattered.
d) Wood is burned.

In an atom, electrons ________________.
a) are located in the nucleus
b) are paired with neutronsl
c) travel outside the nucleus
d) are always in the same place in an atom

The energy levels of an atom are occupied by ___________________.
a) electrons
b) protons
c) neutrons
d) ions

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