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Compared with Group 1 elements, Group 17 elements have
a) more atoms in the ground state
b) more valence electrons
c) more isotopes
d) fewer valence electrons

An alkali metal has one valence electron, while an alkaline earth metal has
a) none
b) two
c) four
d) three

How is the atomic mass of an element determined?
a) Average atomic mass of all its isotopes
b) Use the atomic mass of the most abundant isotope
c) Take a weighted average of the masses of the isotopes found in nature
d) Count the number of protons and neutrons in an atom of the element

Carbons and other nonmetals are found in which area of the periodic table?
a) on the left-most side
b) on the right side
c) in the middle column of the periodic table
d) in the bottom rows

Which statement about the noble gases is correct?
a) They are easily able to form compounds
b) They exist as single atoms rather than as molecules
c) They are highly reactive with both metals and nonmetals
d) They are extremely rare in nature

Which statement about the alkali metals is correct?
a) They are located in the left-most column of the periodic table
b) They are extremely nonreactive
c) They are usually in a gas form
d) They form negative ions with a -1 charge

Valence electrons determine an atom's
a) mass
b) chemical properties
c) electric charge
d) period

Oxygen has an atomic number of 8. This means that an oxygen atom has
a) 8 neutrons in its nucleus
b) a total of 8 protons and neutrons
c) 8 protons in its nucleus
d) a total o 8 neutrons and electrons

Group 18 noble gases are inactive because
a) They readily form positive ions
b) They can have either a positive or negative charge
c) Their outermost energy level is missing one electron
d) Their outermost energy level is full

Atoms of the elements that are in the same group (or family) have the same number of
a) protons
b) neutrons
c) valence electrons
d) protons and neutrons

Which statement is NOT true about the elements fluorine, chlorine and iodine?
a) They are all halogens
b) They react easily with metals
c) They are similar to noble gases
d) They are all nonmetals

The tendency of an element to react is closely related to
a) its atomic mass
b) attraction between its atoms
c) the number of valence electrons in atoms of the element
d) the ratio of protons to neutrons in atoms of the element

Which general statement does NOT apply to metals?
a) most metals are ductile
b) most metals are malleable
c) most metals are brittle
d) most metals are good conductors

Group 17 (7A) of the periodic table contains the
a) most reactive metals
b) most reactive nonmetals
c) least reactive nonmetals
d) least reactive metals

As you move from left to right across a period, the number of valence electrons
a) increases
b) stays the same
c) increases then decreases
d) decreases

Which list of elements contains only metals
a) carbon, iodine, tin
b) tin, copper, cesium
c) helium, iron, copper
d) iodine, carbon, argon

At room temperature, none of the metals are
a) soft
b) liquids
c) malleable
d) gases

Moving from left to right across a row of the periodic table, which of the following values increases by exactly one from element to element?
a) isotope number
b) atomic number
c) atomic mass unit
d) mass number

Mendeleev arranged the known chemical elements in a table according to increasing
a) atomic number
b) number of electrons
c) number of protons
d) mass

In the periodic table,
a) the rows are the periods and the columns are the groups
b) the rows are the groups and the columns are the periods
c) both the rows and columns are the groups
d) both the rows and the columns are the periods

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