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The water in a cup disappears after sitting in a window sill for a few days. This is an example of
a) condensation
b) evaporation
c) sublimation
d) boiling

An example of a chemical change is
a) melting ice
b) broken plate
c) rusting bicycle
d) boiling water

What state of matter is found in stars?
a) sold
b) gas
c) plasma
d) liquid

What must happen to an object in order to accelerate it?
a) A net force must be applied to it.
b) It must contain momentum.
c) Its frictional coefficient must be reduced.
d) some weight must be removed.

This is true about the relationship between an object's mass and its weight?
a) The object's mass is caused by the wight of the object pushing downward.
b) Weight is gravity's force on the object, which is determined by its mass.
c) An object's weight and its mas are the same, but they are measured differently.
d) An object's weight and its mass are independent of each other.

Johnny is coasting down a hill on his bicycle. He eventually comes to a stop. What causes this?
a) inertia
b) Earth's magnetic field
c) friction
d) increase in kinetic energy

All objects in the universe are attracted to each other by the force of
a) friction
b) effort
c) inertia
d) gravity

Which of these is not a form of energy?
a) heat
b) friction
c) light
d) electrical

Which term refers to the rate of change of motion?
a) acceleration
b) speed
c) momentum
d) velocity

Which is true about friction and gravity?
a) both cause energy loss
b) both are forces
c) both cause things to speed up
d) both cause heat

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