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Which of the following describes when energy flow stops?
a) Energy flows until both objects used up their thermal energy
b) Energy flows until the objects are the same temperature
c) Energy flows until both objects melts
d) Energy flows until the objects both become gases.

Which of the following describes how energy is transferred?
a) Energy flows from higher temperature to lower temperature
b) Energy flows from higher thermal energy to lower thermal energy.
c) Cold flows from lower temperature to higher temperature.
d) Cold flows from lower thermal energy to higher thermal energy.

Which of the following is not a type of energy?
a) Gravitational potential
b) Chemical potential
c) Heat
d) Temperature

Which tool is best for measuring a volume of a liquid?
a) Ruler
b) Digital Scale
c) thermometer
d) graduated cylinder

Which of the following is a physical change?
a) water evaporating
b) Digestion of food
c) Baking a cake
d) Metal rusting

Which of the following is a phase change?
a) Metal rusting
b) tearing a paper towel
c) melting ice
d) milk spoiling

Which of the following best explains why scientists would use tools rather than their senses?
a) Use of our senses always results in injury
b) Tools allow for accurate measurement
c) Our senses are never to be trusted

The smallest part of an element that is still the element
a) Atoms
b) Matter
c) Heat

The substance created during a chemical reaction
a) Volume
b) Gas
c) Products
d) Reactants

Which of the following is a chemical reaction?
a) Wood burning
b) Cutting paper in half
c) Putting food dye in water
d) Mixing salt into water.

A measurement that is related to the energy of an object, but is not energy itself.
a) Graduated Cylinder
b) Temperature
c) Reactants
d) Volume

A change in which the reactants and products are still the same.
a) Chemical Reactions
b) Atoms
c) Elastic Potential
d) Physical Reaction

A reaction that absorbs energy
a) Endothermic Reaction
b) Exothermic Reaction
c) Atoms
d) Chemical Potential

Energy that is stored in chemical bonds
a) Atoms
b) Chemical Potential
c) Physical Change
d) Thermal Energy

The starting Materials in a chemical reaction
a) products
b) reactants
c) Heat
d) Temperature

Any physical object that has mass and takes up space
a) Volume
b) Matter
c) Products
d) Gravitational Potential

The energy of an object that is responsible for being able to measure temperature
a) Volume
b) Mass
c) Thermal Energy
d) Kinetic Energy

Energy Transferred between objects of different temperatures
a) Elastic Potential
b) Gravitational Potential
c) Volume
d) Heat

A change in which the reactants and products are different
a) Chemical Reaction
b) Physical Reaction
c) Products
d) Mass

A reaction that releases energy
a) Exothermic
b) Endothermic
c) Thermal
d) Potential

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