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Antonin Scalia and Sandra Day O’Connor were two of Reagan’s
a) closest personal friends.
b) most outspoken Cabinet members.
c) advisors on civil rights.
d) conservative Supreme Court appointments.

Reagan’s approach to governing the country involved
a) delegating authority.
b) handling all decisions personally.
c) forcing Congress to create laws.
d) relying on the Supreme Court to make policy.

In the area of civil rights, President Reagan worked to
a) establish a civil rights commission.
b) appoint federal judges sympathetic to civil rights goals.
c) extend the Voting Rights Act.
d) end some affirmative action programs.

In the 1980s, the gap between rich and poor Americans
a) widened considerably.
b) remained about the same.
c) closed somewhat.
d) disappeared.

Americans celebrated patriotic renewal through all of the following except the
a) centennial of the Statue of Liberty.
b) 200th anniversary of the Constitution.
c) defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment.
d) 1984 Olympic Games.

During the Reagan administration, the federal deficit
a) seesawed up and down.
b) was somewhat reduced by new taxes.
c) rose dramatically.
d) decreased significantly.

The recession of 1981–1982
a) boosted employment figures.
b) drove interest rates down.
c) lowered the federal deficit.
d) reduced the inflation rate.

To defend American interests in the Cold War, Reagan
a) ordered a huge military buildup.
b) streamlined the armed forces by pulling missiles out of Europe.
c) gave more responsibility to local and state governments.
d) withdrew American troops from Lebanon.

Under Reagan, programs created by Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society were
a) funded mainly by higher taxes.
b) cut back.
c) expanded slightly.
d) eliminated entirely.

During the campaign for President in 1988, George Bush promised that he would
a) not limit the role of government.
b) not raise taxes.
c) employ “voodoo economics.”
d) end the Reagan Revolution.

In the late 1980s, a series of anti-Communist revolts broke out in
a) Eastern Europe.
b) West Germany.
c) the Persian Gulf.
d) the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The signing of arms-control treaties between the United States and the Soviet Union signaled the end of
a) Russia.
b) the Bush presidency.
c) the Cold War.
d) German reunification.

The Persian Gulf War began when Saddam Hussein
a) launched a nuclear warhead.
b) invaded Iraq.
c) invaded Kuwait.
d) was assassinated.

Reagan began his political career by winning election as
a) governor of California.
b) spokesman for General Electric.
c) President of the United States.
d) a Justice of the Supreme Court.

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