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Photosynthesis And Respiration Review. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The term that means
a) active transportation
b) endocytosis
c) exocytosis
d) osmosis

Wich of the following is NOT used to make glucose in photosynthesis?
a) CO2
b) H2O
c) O2
d) Light Energy

Human body cells have :
a) 8 chromosomes
b) 48 chromosomes
c) 23 pairs of homogolous chromosomes
d) a single, circular chromosome

Which one of the following does NOT perform mitosis?
a) a plant cell
b) a eukaryotic cell
c) a human body cell
d) a prokaryotic cell

Oxygen is used to break down food molecules and release energy in a process called
a) cytokinesis
b) cellular respiration
c) fermentation
d) photosynthesis

Osmosis is the diffusion of what substance through a cell membrane?
a) oxygen
b) food particles
c) water
d) All the above

Photosynthesis means
a) withing the cell
b) made of light
c) outside the cell
d) breathing

Fermentation in animal cells produces
a) lactic acid and ATP
b) alcohol and ATP
c) glucose and carbon dioxide
d) lactic acid and carbon dioxide

________ is what gives plant their green color.
a) Water
b) Carbon Dioxide
c) Glucose
d) Chlorophyll

Respiration means:
a) within the cell
b) breathing
c) outside the cell
d) made by light

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