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Water as a liquid is denser than ice
a) True
b) False

What is density?
a) The closeness of atoms: mass per unit of volume
b) layers of liquids
c) molecules
d) solids

How does liquid turn into a solid?
a) Freezing
b) Heating
c) Rubbing your hands together

How do atoms move?
a) Randomly
b) Organized
c) In a pattern

What are the four states of matter?
a) Solid, liquid, gas, plasma
b) Solids and liquids
c) Only Solids
d) Gas and solids

An atom is....
a) The basic unit of life
b) Only solids
c) Moving in an organized pattern
d) Only liquids

How does a solid go to a liquid?
a) Freezing
b) Add Heat
c) Wait
d) Over time it will naturally

What is matter?
a) Something that has both mass and volume
b) Something that has mass
c) Something that has volume
d) Something that is a liquid only

How do Icebergs float?
a) The salt in the water allows more bouyancy
b) Water is denser than ice
c) Ice traps air inside when freezes
d) All of the above

Atoms move faster in cold water than hot water
a) True
b) False

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