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For each molecule of glucose entering glycolysis, there is a net gain of
a) 2 ATP
b) 6 ATP
c) 4 ATP
d) 3 ATP

During cellular respiration
a) the complete breakdown of glucose yields ATP molecules
b) the complete breakdown of glucose yields only CO2 and H2O
c) NADPH is produced
d) carbon dioxide is required

In the Kreb\\\'s cycle, production of ATP requires
a) all of the choicesq
b) acetyl-CoA
c) the gradual breakdown of six-carbon compound
d) the transfer of phosphate group to ADP

To maximise ATP production, glycolsis must be followed by
a) the Kreb\\\'s cycle
b) fermentaion
c) the Calvin cycle
d) photosynthesis

Glycolysis yields
a) 2 pyruvic acid molecules 2 NADH molecules and 4 ATP molecules
b) 2 six carbon moleucles
c) 4 NADH molecules
d) a large amount of ATP and NADH

ATP releases energy when
a) the bonds between phsophate groups are broken
b) new phosphate groups are added
c) the five-carbon sugar detaches
d) the nitrogen-containing base breaks down

The final electron acceptor for the electron transport chain of aerobic respiration is which of the following?
a) oxygen
b) hydrogen
c) nitrogen
d) ATP

In glycolysis
a) 4 ATP moleucles are produced
b) aerobic processes occur
c) 4 ADP molecules are produced
d) glucose is produced

Which of the following is NOT part of cellular respiration?
a) Calvin Cycle
b) electron transport chain
c) glycolysis
d) Krebs cycle

During glycolysis, NADH is formed when hydrogen atoms are transferred to an electron acceptor called
a) ATP
b) NAD+

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