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Which of the following is not a function of the skin?
a) Synthesis of Vitamin E
b) Protection against outside bacteria
c) Regulation of body temperature

Where is the hair follicle found?
a) Epidermis
b) Subcutaneous Layer
c) Dermis
d) Bone

Keratinocytes are the most important of the epidermal cells because
a) They are able to reproduce quickly
b) they are able to transform from living cells to plasma membranes and still function
c) they help our skin grow
d) they produce a fibrous protein that gives the skin its protective properties

The design of a person’s epidermal ridges is determined by the manner in which the papillae rest upon the dermal ridges to produce specific pattern known as fingerprints. Which of the following statements is true regarding fingerprints?
a) Twins have the same fingerprints
b) Fingerprints are genetically determined and therefore unique to each person
c) Every human being has the exact same ridges
d) Looking at the number of ridges in fingerprints tells you the age of the person.

Which of the following statements best describes what fingernails actually are
a) fingernails are a separate tissue from skin
b) fingernails are a slightly different, harder version of epidermal tissue
c) fingernails are extensions of the carpal bone
d) Fingernails never grow back

The white crescent portion at the end of the nail is called the
a) lunula
b) cuticle
c) nail bed
d) fingernail top thing

Deeper layer of skin; strong and flexible connective tissue; binds the entire body together
a) dermis
b) epidermis
c) hair
d) Hypodermis

Thickened, proximal portion of nail bed; responsible for nail growth
a) Nail bed
b) Lunula
c) Cuticle
d) Nail Matrix

What is the portion of the hair shaft that is embedded in skin?
a) cortex
b) follicle
c) root
d) matrix

Dermal folds at or near joints; found where the dermis is tightly secured to deeper structures; includes deep creases of palm, wrists, fingers, toes, etc.
a) Dermal ridges
b) Flexure Lines
c) Fingerprints
d) Cleavage Lines

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