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An engineering notebook is considered a legal document.
a) True
b) False

When sketching, an engineer can identify the front view by locating the side of the object that shows the longest dimension and the__________________.
a) most distinctive shape
b) shortest dimension
c) most texture

This brainstorming rule applies when a member produces a similar idea or an enhanced idea.
a) free-for-all
b) piling-on
c) working for quality
d) no criticism

One of the main reasons for creating a design brief is to ______________________.
a) generate concepts
b) brainstorm solutions
c) identify the user and consumer
d) test prototypes

A _________________ is a limit or restriction to a design process.
a) constraint
b) designer
c) client
d) design brief

Which of the following is an oblique pictorial where depth is represented as half scale compared to the height and width scale.
a) Isometric Sketch
b) Cabinet Pictorial
c) Cavalier Pictorial
d) Multi-View Drawing

Which of the following is an oblique pictorial where height, width, and depth are represented at full scale.
a) Isometric Sketch
b) Cabinet Pictorial
c) Cavalier Pictorial
d) Multi-View Drawing

Common oblique angles are at _____________ degrees
a) 15
b) 30
c) 45
d) 60

These linetypes define the center of arcs, circles, or symmetrical parts.
a) Section Line
b) Long-Break Line
c) Construction Line
d) Center Line

These linetypes define where material is cut away.
a) Long-Break Line
b) Short-Break Line
c) Section Line
d) Construction Line

These linetypes show where a dimension starts and stops.
a) Leader Line
b) Construction Line
c) Extension Line
d) Dimension Line

These linetypes are freehand drawn lines that show where a part is broken to reveal detail behind the part or to shorten a long continuous part.
a) Leader Line
b) Short-Break Line
c) Long-Break Line
d) Hidden Line

The file extension for a part file in Inventor is.....
a) .ipt
b) .idw
c) .ipn
d) .iam

The file extension for an assembly file in Inventor is.....
a) .ipt
b) .idw
c) .ipn
d) .iam

The mean is the ____________ of the set of values of a set of data divided by the number of values in the data set.
a) difference
b) product
c) sum
d) quotient

Which of the following navigation operations is performed when you simultaneously depress the Shift keyboard button, depress the middle mouse button (scroll wheel), and drag the mouse in Inventor?
a) zoom
b) pan
c) orbit
d) go home

The most frequently occuring value in a data set is the ____________.
a) mean
b) median
c) mode
d) average

Which phase of the design process would statistical analysis fall under?
a) Generate concepts
b) Develop a solution
c) Construct a prototype
d) Evaluate solution

Convert 108.5cm to meters
a) 1,085 meters
b) 10.85 meters
c) 1.085 meters
d) none of the above

This type of engineer may work on the layout of a plant/facility, how a product is packaged, or how a product is shipped.
a) Automotive Engineer
b) Mechanical Engineer
c) Electrical Engineer
d) Manufacturing Engineer

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