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An atom with an addtitional Electron is considered a(n) _______
a) Neutrino
b) Molecule
c) Ion
d) Proton

which of the following is a good conductor?
a) Copper
b) Glass
c) Resistor
d) Wood

Increasing Voltage (assuming resistance stays the same) will result in ________
a) Decreased Wattage
b) Increased Ohms
c) Decreased Capacitance
d) Increased Current

A transformer is suppossed to...
a) Increase/Decrease Voltage
b) Convert AC into DC power
c) Be used as an electro-magnet
d) Generate power

Red, White, Yellow, Gold
a) 27,000 +31,050 / -22,950
b) 1,500 +1,650/ -1,350
c) 264 +277 / -250
d) 290,000 +304,500 / -275,500

Voltage = 32 , Current = 8.3, Resitance = ____
a) R = 265.6
b) R = 3.855
c) R = 8.332
d) R = 0.259

Voltage = ___ , Current = 30mA, Resitance = _____
a) E = 17 R = 56.667
b) E = 32 R = 1,066.667
c) E = 84 R = 2.8
d) E = 18 R = 6,000

Current is measured in...
a) Volts
b) Amps
c) Resistance
d) Wattage

8.35k = ______
a) 8,350
b) 8,350,000
c) 0.835
d) 0.000 835

When measuring current you should....
a) Set meter to ohms, then turn up capacitance
b) Disconnect power
c) Increase voltage
d) Break the circuit, then place the probes where the break is

Which correctly shows Ohm's Law at work?
a) E = I/R
b) I = E/R
c) R*E = P
d) Moving magnetic fields near copper will induce a current flow in the opposite direction

In series circuits...
a) ET = ER1 = ER2 = ER3
b) IT = IR1 = IR2 = IR3
c) ET = RT/IR1
d) RT = 1/((1/R1)+(1/R2)+(1/R3))

In parallel circuits...
a) ET = RT/IR1
b) RT = 1/((1/R1)+(1/R2)+(1/R3))
c) IT = IR1 = IR2 = IR3
d) RT = R1+R2+R3

A capacitor with a label that says 34V, 17uF on it...
a) Can handle less than 17uF of capacitance added to it
b) Will damage if your power supply puts more than 17uF into it
c) Has reverse polarity protection
d) Can only handle 34V

How many leads are on a DPST toggle switch
a) 5
b) 2
c) 4
d) 8

What creates a Sinewave on its output?
a) Capacitor
b) Inductor
c) AC Generator
d) DC Motor

Frequency is defined as....
a) The number of rotations per second
b) The time for all Peak voltages
c) Root Mean Square
d) How long it takes to make 1 rotation

What advantage does 3 Phase AC have over 1 Phase AC?
a) Extra power generated
b) It never outputs 0V
c) It is easily rectified into DC
d) It is safer to work on

What is another name for a potentiometer?
a) Variable Capacitor
b) Variable Inductor
c) Variable LDR
d) Variable Resistor

Copper becomes magnetic when....
a) there is a moving magnetic field near by
b) there is a magnetic field near by
c) the lines of flux are in line with a permenant magnet
d) DC current is pulsating through a farad

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