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What are the units for mass?
a) M^2
b) M/s
c) g
d) L

Examples of physical properties of matter include
a) Color
b) Odor
c) Hardness
d) All of the Above

The ability of iron to rust is an example of...
a) flammability
b) displacement
c) Physical Property
d) Chemical property

Which of the following is not made of matter?
a) Light
b) Footballs
c) Bricks
d) The Human Brain

The factor that is manipulated by the scientist in an experiment is called the
a) Dependent variable
b) Independent Variable
c) Control Variable
d) Constant Variable

What is the second step of the scientific method?
a) Brag about Results
b) Analyze Evidence
c) Form a Hypothesis
d) Ask a Question

Mass is measured with a
a) Beaker
b) Scale
c) Graduated Cylinder
d) Meter stick

What is the formula for density?
a) Mass*Density
b) Mass/density
c) Volume/Mass
d) Mass/Volume

Which of the following is a chemical change?
a) Breaking a branch off a tree
b) Mixing vinegar and baking soda
c) melting chocolate
d) Twisting a piece of metal

How many things in an experiment should the experimenter change?
a) 4
b) 3
c) As many as necessary to get the job done
d) 1

The variable that is measured is called the
a) Independent variable
b) The dependent variable
c) Constant Variable
d) The X variable

If you do an experiment on the affects of water on plant growth, which factors would you have to control
a) The type of plants used
b) The amount of sunlight the plants are getting
c) the type of soil used
d) All of the above.

What happens when matter changes state?
a) Its chemical properties change
b) Its physical properties remain constant
c) the energy levels of its particles change
d) Two of the above

What is the law of Conservation of Matter?
a) Matter can neither be moved or changed
b) Matter cannot change its physical or chemical properties
c) Matter is a solid liquid or gas
d) Matter can not be created nor destroyed

Which state of matter has a changing volume and shape?
a) liquid
b) solid
c) gas
d) 2 of the above

Which state of matter has particles with the least energy?
a) Solid
b) Liquid
c) Plasma
d) Gas

The molecules of gas in a closed container
a) Keep bumping into each other
b) Are always moving
c) exert pressure
d) All of the above

What can be proved by the scientific method
a) Eating meat makes people happier
b) Cows really like to see blue objects
c) Ghosts are real
d) A penny falling off the empire state building will strike the ground at 8,000 m/

Georgie is trying to determine how alert someone is at different times of the day, he has someone respond to a stimulus as quickly as they can at 6 AM, 11 AM, 3PM, and 8 PM Which of the following is a valid hypothesis
a) If the subject has longer hair, then they will be more alert
b) If the subject has more caffeine then they will be more alert
c) If the subject is male then he will do poorly in the experiment
d) If the test is done in the morning then the subject will be more alert

An experiment is not considered valid if
a) It cannot be repeated
b) it is done by an odd looking person
c) It can be documented
d) It has only one variable

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