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Thanks to help along the way, was Vahan able to get his freedom back?
a) No, the people who tried to help just made things worse.
b) No, the people were very helpful but Vahan wasn't very bright.
c) Yes, even though he faced many obstacles, and thanks to those who helped, Vahan survived.
d) Yes, but the people always got in his way, he made it all by himself without anyone's aid.

What did Pancho Villa do?
a) He helped Spain fight for independence against Mexico.
b) He helped free the slaves.
c) He didn't do anything.
d) He fought for Mexico's independence against Spain.

What is a problem with Freedom that most people have?
a) Everyone has too much freedom.
b) They take advantage of it.
c) They don't know what it's like.
d) They don't care anymore.

Which of these main symbolizes freedom?
a) Flower
b) Blood
c) Handcuffs
d) Wings

What was an action from Abraham Lincoln that relates to freedom?
a) He helped take a flatboat down the Ohio River to New Orleans.
b) He was the President of the United States
c) He helped end slavery.
d) Most of his family died.

What can we do to maintain our freedom?
a) Nothing.
b) Not take it for granted.
c) Always ask for more freedom.
d) Tell everyone nothing can take your freedom away.

Who was picked to write the Declaration of Independence?
a) John Addams
b) Benjamin Franklin
c) Timothy Pickering
d) Thomas Jefferson

Who helped free many slaves by going back and forth from the south to the north?
a) Martin Luther King Jr.
b) Harriet Tubman
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Rosa Parks

Who is the author of the quote, Give me Freedom or Give me Death?
a) Martin Luther King
b) Harriet Tubman
c) John Locke
d) Patrick Henry

Who believed every person was born with natural rights?
a) John Locke
b) Pancho Villa
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Mohandas Ghandi

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