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Wow! That's great! What is the purpose of this sentence?
a) to give information
b) to ask a question
c) to give a command
d) to show excitement

Yesterday for lunch, I _______ seventeen red delicious apples.
a) eated
b) will eat
c) eating
d) ate

Which word below would MOST LIKELY to be used as a transition word when writing a paragraph?
a) sunny
b) about
c) park
d) first

Which word from the sentence is a conjunction (connector word)? Sara needs to know how to swim, so she signed up for swimming lessons.
a) to
b) so
c) she
d) up

Which word should be capitalized in the following sentence? My brother went to Seaside High school for two years.
a) brother
b) to
c) school
d) two

Which sentence below is a run-on?
a) I've never been to Iowa before.
b) Do you root for the Bulldogs?
c) For lunch I had corn and mac and cheese.
d) Do you know Julius he's a friend of mine?

Which sentence below is a fragment?
a) I like to walk by the Savannah River.
b) I am good at both soccer and basketball.
c) Living in Macon for most of my life.
d) My mother is a teacher at my school.

Miguel's science teacher asked him to write a paper on the topic of outer space. What is the FIRST thing Miguel should do?
a) read every book and magazine he has about outer space
b) interview an expert who knows a lot about outer space
c) narrow the assignment by selecting a specific topic in outer space
d) write a rough draft about outer space

Which word in the sentence below is an adjective? Remember adjectives describe! The annoying mosquito buzzed around my head.
a) annoying
b) mosquito
c) buzzed
d) around

After which word in the sentence should a semicolon (;) be added? Justin and Tyler are best friends they spend time together every day after school.
a) Tyler;
b) best;
c) friends;
d) spend;

Fran is reading a book about clouds. Where should she look to find all of the subjects discussed in the book?
a) the title page
b) the bibliography
c) in index
d) the glossary

Which detail could BEST be included in a paragraph with this topic sentence? I visited many interesting places in New York City last year.
a) the Statue of Liberty and museums
b) bright sunny skies and busy streets
c) Chinese food and tacos
d) traffic and horns beeping

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