Tech Apps I Semester Exam Review Pt. 3 Question Preview (ID: 28470)

Semester Exam Review Pt. 3.[print questions]

A boolean search uses
a) keywords
b) plus signs
c) minus signs
d) all of the above

What is phishing?
a) when people send you phony e-mails, pop up messages , texts, social media messages , or links to fake websites in order to ge
b) when we catch the big one
c) when someone sends an e-mail
d) when you use someone else's work

A _______ is a law that helps protect your control over your creative rights.
a) piracy
b) copyright
c) permit
d) Other

Which item is considered a storage device?
a) hard drive
b) thumb drive
d) All of the above

The word plagiarize means
a) making multiple copies
b) downloading material illegally from the Internet
c) copying or changing aomeone elses work and then giving the person credit
d) copying or slightly changing someone elses work and then saying you created it

An upstander is someone who
a) takes action and stands up for someone who is being cyberbullied
b) goes along with what a cyberbully is doing because of peer pressure
c) climbs the success ladder
d) Other

What are the home row keys?
a) qwert uiop
b) asdf jkl;
c) zxcv nm
d) Other

What is the keyboard shortcut for select all?
a) CTRL + Y
b) CTRL + S
c) CTRL + A
d) CTRL + Z

Which item is considered as an output device?
a) Monitor
b) printer
c) projector
d) all of the above

Who is the principal at WJHS?
a) Mrs. Harmon
b) Mr. Ellerbe
c) Mrs. Whitley
d) Ms. Bass

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