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An imaginary line that divides one place from another is a _________.
a) equator
b) line of longitude
c) prime meridian
d) border

All the shapes that make up the Earth's surface are ____________.
a) landforms
b) river systems
c) plains
d) plateau

What are the two key parts to climate?
a) weather and temperature
b) none of the above
c) temperature and precipitation
d) precipitation and wind

A ___________is part of an ocean that reaches into land.
a) plateau
b) bay
c) tributary
d) plain

All the streams and rivers that flow into a larger river is a ___________________.
a) river system
b) lake
c) ocean
d) tributary

A long narrow chain of mountains is a ___________________.
a) valley
b) plain
c) plateau
d) ridge

A ______________ is a high, flat area of land that rises steeply above the surrounding land.
a) hill
b) cliff
c) plateau
d) mountain

A ___________is a smaller river or stream that flows into a larger river.
a) river system
b) lake
c) ocean
d) tributary

The study of the earth and all the different things on it is _______________.
a) geography
b) meteorology
c) regions
d) weather

Which of the following is NOT a state that borders Pennsylvania?
a) New York
b) Maryland
c) Virginia
d) Ohio

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