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A bland diet would be
a) fattening
b) mild
c) nutritious
d) spicy

A person with chronic conditions would experience them how often?
a) occsionally
b) daily
c) constantly
d) happily

A pessimistic person demonstrates what type of emotions?
a) insistent
b) mysterious
c) gloomy
d) passive

A person with a contemptible action would be:
a) boring
b) mature
c) funny
d) hateful

A malicious rumor would be considered:
a) true
b) funny
c) spiteful
d) childish

An impertinent answer would be :
a) correct
b) understood
c) unclear
d) disrespectful

A diligent worker would be:
a) lazy
b) industrious
c) ignorant
d) happy

A very obtuse person would be:
a) dull
b) intelligent
c) malicious
d) strange

The incomprehensible lesson was
a) very reliable
b) not understood
c) easily explained
d) funny

The car was ideally situated meant:
a) centrally located
b) poorly located
c) perfectly located
d) marginally located

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