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In Access, You can adjust the field properties in the ________ view.
a) Datasheet
b) Field property
c) Close-Up
d) Design

Which tab do you click on to format your background in PowerPoint?
a) Animations
b) Insert
c) Design
d) Home

The keyboard shortcut for inserting a new slide in PowerPoint is ___________.
a) CTRL + S
b) CTRL + V
c) CTRL + M
d) CTRL + Z

A _______ is a unique value for the database.
b) Cell
c) Primary key
d) Field

A(n)______ provides the formatting for certain fields as you enter data.
a) Cell
b) Data field
c) Input data
d) Input mask

True or False A computer can work without an operating system.
a) True
b) False

An internal storage device is the __________.
a) CPU
c) USB/Jump drice
d) Hard drive

T or F The ribbon is located at the bottom of the screen.
a) True
b) False

URL stands for uniform resource locator and is the name for the web page's _____.
a) Address
b) Header
c) Phone number
d) Position in a spreadsheet

All formulas begin with a
a) +
b) =
c) -
d) %

A function is
a) A query used in databases
b) A job description
c) A pre-defined formula used in spreadsheets
d) A hidden feature of Excel

What is a query?
a) The answers for a test
b) A strange person
c) A question you ask of a database
d) The thingy at the top of the screen

A device attached to the computer is known as a ________.
a) Peripheral device
b) CPU
c) Software
d) RAM

What are the circuits that act as the “brain” of the computer?
a) RAM
b) ROM
c) CPU
d) CD

What is a database?
a) A spreadsheet
b) A presentation
c) A game played in Hanna's class
d) Lists of data that can be organized and easily accessed

A spreadsheet can be used for
a) Calculations
b) Presentations
c) databases
d) Images

What type of program is PowerPoint?
a) word processing
b) Spreadsheet
c) Presentation
d) Database

Which tab do you click on in PowerPoint to make titles and text move?
a) Animations
b) Home
c) Insert
d) Format

What is the keyboard shortcut for undo?
a) CTRL + A
b) CTRL + Z
c) CTRL + S
d) CTRL + C

What formula would you use in Excel to average?
a) =SUM(C10:F10)
b) =AVERAGE(C10:F10)
c) =MIN(C10:F10)
d) =MAX(C10:F10)

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