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The highest court in Virginia is the
a) Supreme Court
b) Court of Appeals
c) District Court
d) Traffic Court

The Court of Appeals has _____ jurisdiction(s)
a) Appellate
b) Originial
c) Both
d) no

Probable case is when the police
a) Have good reason to suspect someone of a crime
b) Review the arrest
c) Appear in court
d) Talk to a judge

What type of jurisdiction does a court have when they hear a case first?
a) Orginial
b) Appellate
c) Open
d) Ready

Which court case establish judicial review?
a) Marbury v Madison
b) Brown v Board of Education
c) TLO v New Jersey
d) Plessy v Ferguson

Declaring laws or acts unconstitutional is called
a) Judicial Review
b) Jurisdiction
c) Proclamation
d) Preliminary Hearing

The Constitution is the ___________ law of the land
a) Supreme
b) First
c) Mandated
d) Suggested

Constitutional protection against unfair government actions is called
a) Due Process
b) Witness Protection
c) Evidence
d) Probably Cause

The _____ amendment prohibits the national government from acting in an unfair manner.
a) 5
b) 1
c) 10
d) 14

The _____ amendment prohibits the state and local government from acting in an unfair manner.
a) 14
b) 1
c) 5
d) 10

A plea is entered during the
a) Arriagnment
b) Trial
c) Verdict
d) Hearing

Which two amendments define due process?
a) 5, 14
b) 1, 5
c) 1, 14
d) 10, 14

A judge decides cases in ______ court
a) District
b) Appeal
c) Supreme

Criminal and Civil Cases are two types of _____ issues
a) Legal
b) Mental
c) Expanded
d) Case

Who has the power of judicial review?
a) US Supreme Court
b) US District Court
c) US Court of Appeals
d) VA District Court

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